Spool Performance Mercedes AMG IFX1200 Upgraded Turbos deliver an impressive 1028WHP at 78% wastegate

We are thrilled to share the details of our latest project, our shop AMG GTR, which is now powered by our cutting-edge IFX1200 turbochargers and FX350 high-pressure fuel pumps. This remarkable setup has delivered an impressive 1028WHP, showcasing the true potential of Direct injection only IFX1200-FX350 combo.


Our journey began with an ambitious project: the development of a complete turbocharger replacement for the Mercedes AMG M177 LS1, M177 LS2, and M178 engines. This endeavor was not merely an upgrade but a complete reengineering from the ground up of the OEM turbochargers. Our goal was to produce a high-performing, cost-effective turbocharger upgrade, transcending the limitations of the original design. Quality and engineering excellence was the key goal on the project which led us to use dual ceramic ball bearings, a MAR-M246 industry leading turbine blades, point milled compressor wheels and high-quality castings. The result was a true masterpiece which exceeded all our expectations during testing.


We equipped our shop's AMG GTR with the final version of these turbochargers, paired with our unique, one of a kind FX350 high pressure fuel pumps of delivering fuel at a remarkable pressure of 35Mpa and our Stage 3 low pressure pump, capable. The aim was to rigorously test the turbo and pump combination, pushing their limits while maintaining the stock engine and transmission. This approach allowed us to assess the real-world performance and reliability of our products under extreme conditions while also ensuring reliability and performance on a stock drivetrain.


Collaborating with Edgar at DSMlightsTuning, our log time partner in developing software solutions for our performance parts, we fine-tuned our system for optimal performance. We opted for a 60% mix of ethanol/gasoline fuel blend [E60], balancing high octane levels and cooling benefits without overburdening the DI Piezo injectors. Within 5 revisions, Edgar had the car partying at 1,024 horsepower to the wheels, achieved at approximately 3600Hpa of boost pressure, as evident in our dyno graph. The boost curve was carefully calibrated to ensure a linear power delivery, thereby reducing stress on the stock transmission. For upgraded drivetrain builds, we do recommend bringing the turbos in earlier, gaining 500-700 more rpm of spool time. The Transmission Control Unit (TCU) tune from DSMlightsTuning also played a crucial role in maintaining clutch integrity under the increased torque.



On the fueling side, our FX350 pumps performed exceptionally well, as indicated in our log data. Operating at 28Mpa rail pressure, these pumps significantly enhanced the stock injectors' flow capacity, adhering to the principle that flow rate is directly proportional to rail pressure. This heightened pressure allowed us to maintain much better injection times, ensuring efficient fuel utilization, superior atomization, and effective cooling of the combustion chamber. The pumps demonstrated considerable headroom, with the delivery request from the Engine Control Unit (ECU) for the high-pressure pump (dwmsvd delivery angle) peaking at around 95 degrees of crank angle at redline, despite a maximum value of 126 degrees of crank rotation for a 3 lobe cam like the M17x engines. This leaves about 25% more potential fuel flow, beneficial for builds planning to use full E85 or to maximize the turbochargers with upgraded engine and transmission components.



The IFX1200 turbochargers were a standout, delivering 1024 WHP of airflow while operating at only 78% wastegate duty. This indicates ample room for achieving even higher horsepower figures within their efficiency range.


We are immensely proud of the test results for this setup, confirming the viability of achieving reliable, turnkey DI-only four-digit horsepower numbers. Keep an eye on our next technical notes, where we will delve into our upcoming development tests for the AMG 53 [M276] IFX1000 turbocharger and FX350 high-pressure pump combo and our new upgraded performance clutches for both the AMG GT 7dcl750 and the AMG 9-speed transmissions.

For more information and inquiries about mercedes high pressure fuel pump products, You can reach us by phone at 281-435-4533 or send us an email at customer_service@spoolperformance.us.

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