Vantage Evolution: Spool Performance's 930HP Masterpiece

The Aston Martin Vantage equipped with the M177 turbo upgrade engine has long been an underappreciated gem in the performance world. Recognizing its untapped potential, Spool Performance embarked on a groundbreaking project to transform this overlooked platform into a formidable beast. The result is a staggering 930 horsepower Aston Martin Vantage turbo upgrade that delivers 811 wheel horsepower after drivetrain losses, a figure that not only challenges but redefines the limits of what this platform can achieve.

The key to unlocking this astonishing power lies in Spool Performance's groundbreaking upgrade: the IFX-1200 full-frame turbocharger. The IFX1200 is capable of supporting over 1200 horsepower, featuring a precision-engineered 5-Axis Point Milled Compressor Wheel for maximum airflow and efficiency. The durability of its Mar-M246 Turbine Wheel and the efficiency of the dual ceramic ball-bearing CHRA ensure reliability and a rapid response to power demands while retaining OEM like plug and play install.

Accompanying the IFX1200 is our Spool Performance FX350 high-pressure fuel pump. This component is pivotal in achieving the high power levels of the Vantage. Engineered to deliver fuel at 35Mpa, significantly higher than the previous FX200 model, the FX350 enables a higher flow rate through the injectors. This is crucial for the demands of high-performance applications. Additionally, the enhanced atomization of fuel achieved by the FX350 leads to more efficient combustion, resulting in increased power, improved fuel economy, and reduced emissions.

In developing this project, we have diligently maintained full factory ECU control. This approach ensures that our enhancements complement the original engineering of the Vantage, maintaining its reliability and drivability.

Achieving 970 horsepower on 93 octane fuel is a significant milestone, but it is just one step in our ongoing journey with the Vantage. We are continually exploring the possibilities with higher octane fuels like E85 or race gas, aiming to unlock even greater performance from this platform and as we move forward, testing and refining our builds, we remain committed to unlocking the full potential of the Aston Martin Vantage and sharing these advancements with the automotive community.

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