Our new IFX1200 full frame upgraded turbochargers were put to test over the weekend on our W213 E63s with the Mercedes M177 LS2 Engine and was also a test bed for our newly developed AMG upgraded injectors running alongside our FX350 upgraded high pressure fuel pumps. The result was a never before achievable 1040WHP on full E85 with absolutely no auxiliary fueling and what’s better? We still have room to go!



M177 IFX1200 Full frame turbocharger




The AMG IFX1200 offering for the M177.LS1/M177.LS2/M178 engines is a ground up full frame turbocharger offering with a no compromise design philosophy. We’ve been able to engineer state-of-the-art turbocharger technology into this part to enhance engine performance beyond normal offerings on the market. Notable improvements are The MAR-m246 super alloy turbine wheel, full stainless steel exhaust housing painstakingly modelled for maximizing spool while still retaining the higher rev flow characteristics for a turbo as big as they are.  The choice of a single scroll housing effectively reduces backpressure at high RPMs and a balanced A/R selection ensures spool is not compromised thus maintaining efficiency and power throughout the entire range of engine speeds.

The compressor wheels are point-milled instead of the cheaper high stress process of flank milling. The log data presented shows turbocharger achieves 3600 hpa of boost pressure by 4000 rpm.



 By the same token, it effortlessly maintains 1000 whp consistently to redline. By being able to maintain a flat power delivery for the entire rev range for street driving, you can be sure this is not simply a bragging rights horsepower number but something that is available on tap for the entire driving range.


Fueling Innovations: FX350 HPFP || AMG upgraded GDI Injectors

We’ve always been at the forefront on AMG DI Fueling solutions paving the way and we’re proud to say we have outdone ourselves on this one.  The IFX1200 was fueled by the Dual FX350 high-pressure pumps and our Stage 3 low-pressure system on this setup. The efficiency of this system is evidenced by the ECU's ability to maintain a considerable headroom of 30%, ensuring reliability and performance under demanding conditions as shown in the log. At 27Mpa, our HPFP request from the ecu is at 71degrees of crank which leaves about a 40% headroom to the limit of 126 degrees.  



This build is the first to utilize our new upgraded high pressure GDI Injectors for the AMG platform. This has been a huge undertaking with a lot of technical challenges but we are proud to have achieved more than what we hoped for this project. The graphs shown represent the total injection time at 3600 hpa of boost on E50 on stock injectors vs the Spool IFX350 upgraded Piezo DI injectors on a more demanding Full E85 mix. The stock injectors at 7ms were at the limit of the hardware specs while the upgraded injectors owing to its increase in flow was able to lower the duration of injection to a very optimal low 5 millisecond second range.




 Running Full E85 has been possible on this platform only because of this upgrade and we would normally be forced to choose an E50 mix blend or Methanol Injection for the same project. The setup further simplifies the mod list, gives ECU full control of fueling with all the safeties in place like intended and also lets us run a richer lambda to keep the engine safe and healthy at these power levels.

Traditionally, the challenges of high ethanol content fuel necessitated compromises. However, with our advanced fueling solutions, we've removed these barriers, allowing enthusiasts and tuners to harness the full potential of E85 without dilution or auxiliary systems.

We are working hard on finalizing our production of these injectors to bring these to market as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please use the chat feature at spoolperformance.com or send us a message on our Instagram or Facebook pages.

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