Introducing Spool Performance's FX200: The Ultimate Mercedes M256/ AMG53 Upgraded High-Pressure Pump

Introducing Spool Performance's FX200: The Ultimate Mercedes M256/ AMG53 Upgraded High-Pressure Pump

Spool Performance is excited to unveil the M256 FX200, a groundbreaking high-pressure fuel pump upgrade specifically engineered for the Mercedes M256 platform. This innovative solution is designed to overcome the longstanding fueling limitations that have restricted the performance capabilities of vehicles like the Mercedes AMG 53 series and other models based on the M256 engine.

Technical Challenges and Innovative Solutions
The development of the FX200 was driven by the unique challenges associated with the M256's compact engine layout. The space constraints under the manifold posed a significant obstacle, requiring a complete reimagining of the traditional high-pressure fuel pump design. After more than a year of meticulous research and development, our team succeeded in crafting a pump that not only fits seamlessly within the tight confines of the M256 engine but also dramatically increases its fueling capacity.


The Spool FX200 upgraded high-pressure pump enhances the Mercedes M256 high-pressure fuel capacity to almost double that of the original equipment, enabling significant power gains. For fuels with a density similar to 93, 91, or race gas, the FX200 supports up to 850whp of flow, while E85 users can expect around 700whp, marking a monumental leap in performance potential for the M256 platform.

Our development car, coupled with our upcoming IFX900 Full frame turbo kit was able to put down 700whp on an AWD dynojet 424LC while retaining safe margins on fueling on an E50 fuel mix.

Development Car with IFX900 turbocharger on E50 fuel at 2850hpa of boost pressure maintaining 23.5Mpa at 80% high-pressure pump request angle by ECU.

Advanced Engineering for Maximum Efficiency
The FX200 is engineered to maintain rail pressures up to 25Mpa, facilitating a 25% increase in flow through the standard injectors. This advancement is crucial for achieving higher power outputs and ensures that the fueling demands of upgraded engines are met efficiently lowering injection window range and reducing wall-wetting and piston wetting at the End of injection angles closer to the limits.
In conjunction with the FX200, Spool Performance offers the Spool Performance Stage 3 low-pressure fuel pump, designed to complement the high-pressure pump by supplying the increased volume of fuel required for optimal performance. This integrated approach ensures that the entire fuel system operates harmoniously, eliminating potential bottlenecks and maximizing efficiency.

Quality and Reliability
Quality is at the forefront of the FX200 design, featuring an electron beam welded construction made entirely of stainless steel. This approach eliminates common leak points and enhances the pump's durability under high-stress conditions. Additionally, the internal pistons are coated with a diamond-like carbon material, reducing friction and wear, thereby extending the pump's lifespan and maintaining peak performance over time.

Lifetime Warranty 
Spool Performance stands behind the FX200 with a comprehensive lifetime warranty, reflecting our confidence in the product's quality and durability. We are committed to providing exceptional customer support, ensuring that every customer can fully leverage the performance benefits of their Mercedes M256 upgraded high-pressure pump.


The Spool FX200 represents a significant advancement for the Mercedes M256 platform and owners of the Mercedes AMG 53 and other M256 based vehicles can now experience unprecedented performance levels, thanks to this meticulously engineered high-pressure fuel pump upgrade.

M256 FX200 along with our IFX900 and IFX1050 turbo kits will be released 2nd week of March 2024! Watch our Social media handles and website for the release!

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    Hello, can I have a breakdown of price for the low fuel, high fuel , turbo & tuning file for AMG E53 Coupe 2020 facelift.

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