Spool Performance Gen1 B58 340i breaks DI only World record for the Platform at 748whp

In a remarkable display of engineering and performance tuning, our BMW Gen1 340i has set a new world record, achieving an impressive 748 wheel horsepower (whp) and 647 wheel torque (wtq). This feat was accomplished under challenging conditions with an ambient temperature of 104°F and a Density Altitude (DA) of 3300, using Direct Injection (DI) only fueling with E48.


This project was more than a pursuit of high numbers; it was a rigorous test to explore the limits of DI only fueling on the Gen1 B58 engine, using the latest DI upgrade products from Spool Performance. Our goal was to assess the capabilities of these upgrades and identify potential areas for improvement.

At the core of this achievement was our newly developed billet manifold top mount turbo kit, featuring a Precision 6466 twin-scroll turbocharger. This turbocharger was chosen for its efficiency and ability to deliver high power, making it an integral part of our setup.

The fueling system was another critical component of this record-setting build. We equipped the car with the Spool Performance FX200 High-Pressure Fuel Pump and upgraded DI injectors, ensuring efficient and reliable fuel delivery under the high-stress conditions of performance driving. Additionally, the Spool Performance Stage 3 Low-Pressure Fuel Pump was installed to maintain adequate fuel pressure to the high-pressure pump, a vital aspect of ensuring consistent performance.

The result of these modifications was nothing short of spectacular – 748whp and 647wtq, pushing the FX200 pump to its limits while still having room for further enhancement with the injectors. We are already planning future tests to potentially break our own record, incorporating upgraded fuel cam mods and, possibly, our newer larger bore pump, subject to its successful validation.

One of the most significant aspects of this achievement is the demonstration of the B58 engine's capability to support up to 750whp with a straightforward DI setup. This was accomplished without the need for aftermarket controllers or introducing additional points of potential failure. This breakthrough signifies a robust and reliable setup, ideal for a high-performance, daily-driven street car.

The tuning of the car was expertly handled by @dsmlights tuning, utilizing EcuTek technologies. Their expertise was instrumental in pushing the performance envelope and ensuring that the vehicle was tuned to perfection.

For more information and inquiries about the B58 high-pressure fuel pump upgrade product, You can reach us by phone at 281-435-4533 or send us an email at customer_service@spoolperformance.us.

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