Spool Performance Mercedes M157 Forged Engine Build


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Mots clés: Darton , forged engine , M157 , Mercedes , Sleeved Engine

Spool Performance M157 Forged, Darton Sleeved 1500hp Engine

Unleash the full potential of your AMG with the Spool Performance M157 Forged, Darton Sleeved 1500hp Engine. Expertly engineered to eliminate the notorious Mercedes cylinder scoring issues, this engine is designed for enthusiasts seeking extreme horsepower and reliability.

The integration of Darton Mid Sleeves significantly enhances the engine's capacity to support higher horsepower, ensuring optimal performance under extreme conditions. Complementing this upgrade are forged pistons and rods, developed in collaboration with Italian RP, renowned for their superior strength and durability.

Key features of this Forged Build include:
Upgraded custom ARP head studs with time-Darton Mid sleeves to support much higher horsepower and eliminate the notorious cylinder scoring issues 
Forged Pistons and rods developed with Italian RP.
Upgraded custom ARP Head studs with time-serts allowing for significantly higher head assembly torque
Upgraded custom ARP main bolts 
Upgraded custom ARP Rod Bolts
Cylinder and crank bores finished to .0001" tolerance
Upgraded Main and Rod Bearings
LongBlock Builds will include Port and Polish, Custom Camshafts and Head rebuild.

*Will require a rebuildable core. Cores can be supplied for an additional $11,000 fee.

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