Wireless Ethanol Analyzer Kit [ F97/F98 S58 X3M/X4M ]


  • Brand: Spool Performance
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Barcode: SP-ECA-S58-FGGH

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The Spool wireless Ethanol Analyzer kit is a very cost-effective and robust ethanol content and fuel temperature monitoring solution. With the included smartphone app, the analyzer paired with a GM ethanol sensor can display the in-tank fuel's ethanol concentration percentage and fuel temperatures in Fahrenheit. The Analyzer module incorporates the latest Bluetooth 4.0 low energy protocol which means very little battery usage on your smartphone and also leaves regular Bluetooth functions and connectivity on your smartphone untouched. 

Why do you need an Ethanol Analyzer solution?

According to the latest ASTM guidelines, Ethanol blends rated E85 can have anywhere from 51% to 85% ethanol content. This means the E85 at your pump can in fact at times, be only E55 containing 55% ethanol. This uncertainty is of serious concern to enthusiasts who are running performance E85 tunes for their vehicles. Running a lower ethanol content fuel with a tune rated for a higher content can cause damage to your motor. Knowing the absolute ethanol content in the E85 fuel from your pumps helps you avoid those damages.

Ethanol Sensor App

Unlike competitors, our Ethanol Analyzer Apps are truly free of cost and features an Ethanol Mix calculator to make sure you get the perfect blend every time. With an ethanol analyzer kit, the App can automatically populate the in-tank fuel's E-content required for the calculations. The app can be downloaded and used even if you do not have our Analyzer kit and will let you estimate your mixes.

Lifetime Warranty

Like all of our products, the Ethanol Content Analyzer is covered by Spool's Lifetime Warranty Program. We stand behind the quality we promise you.

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