Spool Performance IFX150 B48/B46 Gen1 upgraded DI injectors




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Spool Performance is proud to introduce  our upgraded DI injectors for the Gen1 B58 Platform. The IFX 150 is carefully sized for the B48 engine to keep stock-like idle and low load characteristics while allowing 50% more injector flow at high load and high rpm conditions. The injectors have undergone rigorous testing over months on our different test cars and have been perfected before release. They currently outflow the pump offerings on the market even on aftermarket high lift cam lobes and it powers the current DI-only world record B48 car along with our FX200 upgraded high pressure fuel pumps. 

Flow: 150% over stock DI injectors 

Pressure: Capable of flowing at up to 290 bar pressure

At over 150% flow, we have seen a significant drop in idle and low load drivability characteristics. That being said, if you require higher flowing injectors for a race-only build, email us and we can build custom sized DI injectors for you.

Tune changes are required for running these injectors. Spool Performance will provide full calibration support for the same over all existing tuning platforms for the Gen1 B58

Finally, as usual we stand behind our product and it is covered by out Lifetime Warranty Program! 

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