Spool Performance Darton Mid Sleeved M157 Engine Block


  • Brand: Spool Performance
  • Availability: In Stock
  • SKU: SP-ENG-M157-DSB
  • Barcode: SP-ENG-M157-DSB

Tags: Darton , M157 , Mercedes , Sleeved Engine

Introducing the Spool Performance Darton Mid Sleeved M157 Engine Block, a superior solution designed to tackle the notorious Mercedes cylinder lining scoring problem. Engineered for performance enthusiasts and professional racers, this sleeved block is capable of handling over 1500 horsepower, ensuring unparalleled durability and power.

Each M157 engine block undergoes meticulous blueprinting using traceable certified Hexagon CMM machines. This precision ensures that every block meets the highest standards of quality and performance, accompanied by a comprehensive report detailing all relevant dimensions and tolerances.

To purchase this item, you will need to provide a block or opt for a core exchange. The Core Exchange Fee is $7499.

Scope of Work:

Machine and Install Darton Mid Sleeves

Bore and Hone to a final tolerance of 0.0001" to the required piston to bore clearance

Machine Deck surface to ensure flatness and surface finish

Line hone Crank Bore

Electro and Vibration Check for Sleeve seating



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