Spool Performance BMW G80 M3/ G82 M4 /G87 M2 upgraded Full Frame twin turbo kit


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Titanium Charge Pipes

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Spool Performance is proud to present our new IFX TT line of full frame turbocharger upgrades for the BMW G80 M3, G82 M4, and G87 M2. The IFX TT Twin Turbo Kit is a remarkable leap in S58 turbocharger upgrades designed to significantly elevate the power capabilities of the G80 M3, G82 M4, and G87 M2 models.

A core aspect of the kit's design is the exceptionally efficient flow paths within the exhaust manifolds and the turbocharger turbine volutes. These paths are the result of meticulous CFD engineering, ensuring that exhaust gases are channeled with minimal resistance and optimal velocity. This efficiency is crucial in turbocharged applications as it directly influences the turbocharger's ability to spool up and respond to throttle inputs. The internal geometry is designed to minimize turbulent flow, which can significantly hamper performance. By ensuring a smoother flow of exhaust gases, the manifolds, and the volute facilitate a more efficient and rapid spooling of the turbochargers. This results in an enhanced power delivery profile, with a more linear and predictable boost curve, essential for both performance driving and daily usability. Additionally, the optimized flow paths contribute to a reduction in backpressure. High backpressure in the exhaust system can lead to increased stress on the engine, negatively impacting both performance and longevity. By reducing this backpressure, the IFX TT kit not only enhances performance but also contributes to the overall health and durability of the engine.

Manifolds are machined from high-grade billet forged steel and exhibit superior thermal resilience, effectively mitigating the risks of heat-induced fatigue and cracking. This durability is critical in maintaining consistent performance, especially under the high thermal loads characteristic of turbocharged applications.

Turbocharger Specification: Central to the kit are our latest dual ball-bearing, water-cooled turbochargers, specifically designed for the S58 engine's configuration and performance dynamics. These units are engineered to minimize friction losses, thereby enhancing rotational efficiency and response. The water-cooled aspect of these turbochargers serves to effectively manage the thermal environment, crucial for maintaining optimal performance and extending the service life of both the turbochargers and adjacent engine components.

Boost Control Compatibility: The kit's design retains the factory boost control system, a key feature for ensuring seamless integration with the existing engine management system. This compatibility allows for precise control over the boost levels, essential for maintaining drivability and engine safety, particularly at the higher power outputs that this kit enables.

Power Output Options: Addressing a broad spectrum of performance requirements, the IFX TT kit is offered in three variants:

IFX TT 1300 (1300HP)

IFX TT 1500 (1500HP)

IFX TT 1800 (1800HP)

Each variant is tailored to provide specific levels of power output, allowing users to choose a kit that best suits their performance goals and vehicle application. The Kits are modular in nature which allows customers to upgrade from one power level to another by only replacing the turbocharger units that can be purchased separately.

Ease of install: The installation process has been meticulously considered during the development of the kit to ensure it is as straightforward as possible. While professional installation is recommended, the kit is designed to align with the existing engine layout, minimizing the need for any modifications or custom fabrication.

Optional Titanium Charge Pipe: As an additional enhancement, the kit offers an optional titanium charge pipe. Titanium is chosen for its high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent thermal properties while also providing great visual appeal.

Overall, the IFX TT Twin Turbo Kit represents a no-compromise approach to an efficient full-frame turbocharger upgrade solution using a harmonious blend of advanced engineering and practical design, tailored to unlock the full potential of BMW's S58 engines. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved with the design and manufacturing of this kit and stands as a testament to innovative automotive engineering, offering an unparalleled upgrade for power, efficiency, and driving experience.

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