Spool IFX-22 VR30DDTT 2050cc DI Injectors


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Revolutionize your VR30DDTT engine's performance with the Spool Performance IFX-22 Injectors – the pinnacle of fuel injection technology. Designed to overcome the limitations of factory injectors, especially in high horsepower scenarios with ethanol fuel, these injectors are a game-changer for the VR30DDTT Platform. At Spool Performance, we understand the importance of high-quality injectors for your VR30ddtt engine. That's why we offer a range of top-of-the-line injectors specifically designed for this powerful engine. Our VR30ddtt injectors are carefully crafted to provide optimal fuel delivery and performance, ensuring maximum power & efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. Unmatched Flow Rate: Boasting an industry-leading 2050cc at 100bar, the IFX-22 injectors are the most powerful available for VR30 engines. This ensures an abundant fuel supply for demanding performance requirements, delivering enhanced power and responsiveness.

  2. Precision and Quality: Each injector undergoes stringent flow-matching and testing, ensuring consistent fuel delivery, improved engine efficiency, and heightened performance output.

  3. Seamless Integration: Engineered as a 100% direct replacement, these injectors ensure hassle-free installation, perfectly fitting your engine without any modifications – ideal for both DIYers and professional technicians.

  4. Fuel Compatibility: Designed to function impeccably with all fuel types, including ethanol blends, the IFX-22 injectors offer flexibility and adaptability for various fueling requirements.

  5. Stock Fuel Spray Pattern: By preserving the OEM fuel spray pattern, these VR30DDTT injectors ensure optimal combustion efficiency. This feature is crucial for maintaining smooth engine operation, reducing emissions, and enhancing fuel economy, all while providing the increased fuel needed for high performance.

  6. Lifetime Warranty: Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is underscored by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, offering peace of mind with your investment.

Spool Performance specialize in high-quality VR30DDTT injectors for your vehicle. Our team is dedicated to providing top-of-the-line performance parts and accessories for your automotive needs. From installation to maintenance, we are here to help you achieve the maximum potential of your vehicle.

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