Mercedes AMG53 M256 upgraded full frame turbocharger kit


  • Brand: Spool Performance
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  • SKU: SP-AMG-M256-FFTK-1
  • Barcode: SP-AMG-M256-FFTK
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Spool Performance M256 Full Frame Turbocharger Kit

Spool Performance is proud to introduce a groundbreaking upgrade for the M256 platform: the Full Frame IFX900 and IFX1050 turbocharger kits. These kits represent a complete overhaul of the turbocharging system, offering a seamless replacement turbocharger that integrates perfectly with your vehicle.

At the heart of this upgrade is a redesigned exhaust manifold, meticulously engineered to lower backpressure and facilitate safe, high-power builds. This innovation allows the M256 platform to reach new heights in performance without compromising the reliability and durability of engine components.

The IFX900 turbocharger is rated for an impressive 900 crank horsepower, while the IFX1050 takes it a step further, delivering a staggering 1050 crank horsepower. This substantial increase in power transforms the driving experience, providing an exhilarating boost in acceleration and top-end performance.

Installation is designed to be straightforward, minimizing downtime and the need for extensive modifications. The kit maintains factory wastegate control, ensuring simplicity and reliability in operation. This design choice also means that the turbocharger's performance is consistent and predictable, enhancing the overall driving experience.

One of the standout features of the Spool Performance turbocharger kit is the linear power ramp, which ensures that the increase in power is smooth and manageable and is perfectly coupled for the AMG53 models with the additional electric turbocharger. This characteristic makes the kit extremely safe for engine internals while delivering significant top-end performance. Additionally, the enhanced turbo noises add a thrilling auditory dimension to the driving experience.

The billet exhaust manifold, a key component of this kit, has been meticulously designed to optimize flow paths and reduce backpressure. This results in improved performance without compromising spool, providing a perfect balance of power and efficiency.

Elevate your M256 platform with the Spool Performance Full Frame Turbocharger kit. Experience the ultimate in power, reliability, and driving excitement. Get yours today and redefine what your vehicle is capable of.

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