Mercedes AMG G63/ G550 M177 IFX1200 Full Frame upgraded turbocharger




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Tags: AMG , G550 , G63 , m177 , Mercedes

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Spool Performance proudly introduces the IFX1200, a state-of-the-art turbocharger meticulously designed for the Mercedes M177 LS1 engine. At the heart of the IFX1200 lies our commitment to advanced CFD modeling and uncompromising quality, selecting only the best materials to redefine automotive excellence. The IFX1200 is a complete turbocharger replacement requiring no core exchange.

Technical Excellence in Every Component

  • Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing CHRA: The inclusion of a dual ceramic ball bearing in the CHRA (Center Housing Rotating Assembly) sets a new standard for turbocharger efficiency. Ceramic bearings are lighter, more durable, and have lower friction than traditional bearings, leading to a quicker spool time and increased airflow. This results in more immediate power delivery and improved throttle response, enhancing the driving experience.

  • MAR-M246 Alloy Turbine: We've chosen MAR-M246 alloy for the turbine, which offers significant advantages over traditional Inconel. This high-grade material provides exceptional high-temperature stability and resistance to thermal fatigue, ensuring the turbine maintains performance and structural integrity even under extreme conditions. This translates to a more reliable and long-lasting turbocharger, capable of handling increased power outputs without degradation.

  • 5-Axis Point Milled Billet 6061 Aluminum Compressor Wheel: The compressor wheel is crafted using a 5-axis point milling process from billet 6061 Aluminum. This advanced manufacturing technique allows for more intricate and precise shapes, optimizing the wheel's aerodynamics for maximum airflow and efficiency. The result is a compressor wheel that delivers improved boost pressure and reduces turbo lag, leading to a noticeable improvement in acceleration and power.

  • Stainless Steel Turbine Housing: Opting for stainless steel in the turbine housing offers several benefits over traditional iron housings. Stainless steel has superior heat resistance, ensuring the housing withstands the high temperatures of exhaust gases without warping or corroding. This material choice also contributes to a lighter turbocharger, aiding in overall vehicle weight reduction and performance improvement.


Peak Performance: 1200+ HP Capability

The IFX1200 isn’t just about enhanced parts; it’s about transcending limits. Engineered to comfortably deliver over 1200 horsepower within its efficiency range, this turbocharger is your gateway to unmatched power and performance.

Hassle-Free Installation and Unmatched Warranty

Installation is seamless, with a fully plug-and-play design that respects your time and expertise. Each IFX1200 turbocharger comes with a lifetime warranty under the Spool Lifetime Warranty Program, ensuring your peace of mind for the long haul.

Synergize with Spool Performance FX350 Fuel Pumps

For optimal results, pair the IFX1200 with our new Spool Performance FX350 Fuel Pumps. This combination assures a consistently high-performing experience for your M177 LS1 engine.

  • Capable of supporting 1200+ HP
  • Precision-engineered 5-Axis Point Milled Compressor Wheel
  • Durable Mar-M246 Turbine Wheel
  • Dual Ceramic Ball-Bearing CHRA for efficiency and quick spool
  • OEM Fitment Stainless Steel Turbine Housing
  • OEM Fitment Anti-Surge Compressor Housing
  • Comprehensive install package with all necessary hardware
  • Silicone Inlet Couplers
  • Compatibility with Factory Wastegate Actuators

Tags: AMG , G550 , G63 , m177 , Mercedes

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