Mclaren 720S/765LT upgraded Turbocharger Inlets




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Spool Performance McLaren 720s Upgraded Turbocharger Inlets

Overview: The Spool Performance McLaren 720s/765LT Upgraded Turbocharger Inlets are a must-have enhancement for any McLaren 720s/765LT owner, whether your car is stock or modified. These inlets are a direct response to the common failure point in the factory turbo inlets, which use plastics prone to breaking and causing turbo damage.

Key Features:

  • Robust Construction: The upgraded inlets feature a flexible and durable 5-ply silicone construction, a significant improvement over the factory inlets known for their fragile plastics. This design ensures longevity and resilience against extreme conditions.

  • Enhanced Airflow: By removing the stock baffling and the problematic red silicone coupler, these inlets dramatically increase airflow to your turbo, translating to more efficient engine performance.

  • Improved Turbo Performance: Enjoy the satisfying increase in turbo noise and dyno-proven horsepower gains. These inlets not only enhance the sound of your McLaren but also significantly boost its power output.

  • Heat Resistance: Unlike other metal aftermarket solutions, the 5-ply silicone construction does not heat-soak, maintaining optimal performance even in high-temperature environments.

  • Reinforced Design: Steel wire reinforcement prevents hose collapse under vacuum, ensuring consistent and reliable airflow to the turbo.

  • Easy Installation: These inlets are 100% bolt-on and DIY-friendly, making them an accessible upgrade for any McLaren enthusiast. The inclusion of metal nipples for stock fitment further simplifies the installation process.

  • Lifetime Warranty: We back our product with a lifetime warranty, offering peace of mind and assurance in the quality and durability of your investment.


  • Prevents Common Failures: By replacing the factory inlets, you protect your McLaren from the known issues of broken plastics entering the turbo, ensuring a more reliable and longer-lasting turbo system.

  • Boosts Performance: The enhanced airflow and turbo noise add an exhilarating edge to your driving experience, matched with tangible performance improvements.

  • Straightforward Upgrade: The bolt-on design makes these inlets a hassle-free upgrade, perfect for those who prefer to do it themselves.


 Combining superior materials, improved airflow, and a focus on reliability and ease of installation, these inlets are an essential upgrade for anyone looking to enhance the performance and longevity of their McLaren 720s or 765LT.

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