Spool Performance Billet Manifold A91 Supra 6 port Top Mount Turbocharger Kit


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  • Barcode: SP-A916P-TMTK-IFX900-NCC-NCO

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Spool Performance Billet Manifold  A91 Supra 6 port Top Mount Turbocharger Kit

Spool Performance is proud to introduce our one-of-a-kind top-mount turbo kit featuring a 5-axis machined billet exhaust manifold. This process has allowed us to create a unique manifold that features ultra-short runners providing maximum heat energy retention up to the turbine while avoiding common issues with cast manifolds like cracking and increased weight. The 5-axis manufacturing process has also allowed us to create an extremely efficient flow by equalizing wastegate port design allowing for excellent boost control with a single 45mm wastegate. The result is a fast spooling and lightweight manifold that delivers almost nonexistent levels of backpressure and is easy to install. The modular nature of the manifold design allows us to offer these kits with a wide variety of turbo options. The kit can be configured with a Spool IFX water-cooled ceramic ball bearing or Precision air-cooled turbo.


The Manifold:

After countless hours engineering our manifold design, we were able to create an extremely efficient twin-scroll flow channel in the 5-axis machined wastegate flow ports that allows for excellent boost control. Our manifold is milled out of high-strength steel alloy billet blocks that have minimal heat expansion. Being able to mill the flow paths into the block has allowed us to use short but smooth flow channels up to the turbine housing. This retains maximum heat energy and reduces turbulent flow energy losses in the system allowing for a faster spool and ultra-low backpressures at higher engine speeds. The modular design has also allowed us to create variations quickly to allow for a variety of turbocharger options. 



The wastegate flow ports are one of the most overlooked but critical components of a good manifold design. Through CFD optimization, we were able to design a wastegate port with equalized flow between the turbine runners and the wastegate ports minimizing turbulence when the wastegate is closed. Our system also uses a single 45mm wastegate reducing the amount of parts in our kit.



The Kit is offered in a variety of PTE air-cooled and Spool IFX water-cooled ceramic ball-bearing turbos as follows:

PTE 6466 Gen2 Ball Bearing Air Cooled                           -900HP               - 1 year warranty

PTE 6870 Gen2 Ball Bearing Air Cooled                           -1100HP             - 1 year warranty

SPOOL IFX-900 Ball Bearing Water Cooled            -900HP                - Lifetime warranty           

SPOOL IFX-1050 Ball Bearing Water Cooled         - 1050HP             - Lifetime warranty           

SPOOL IFX-1200 Ball Bearing Water Cooled         - 1200HP             - Lifetime warranty           

* SPOOL IFX-1400 Ball Bearing Water Cooled      - 1400HP             - Lifetime warranty

*available on special request. IFX-1400 utilizes a different riser on the manifold accounting for a bigger wastegate and positioning correction for the bigger frame.



Our kit is designed to be a true plug-and-play solution. Included with the kit are AN fittings for oil feed and drain, water feed and drain (Spool IFX Turbos), and a water bypass (Precision Turbos and others). We are also offering an optional catch-can solution that is a true plug-and-play solution. A corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel mandrel bent downpipe and dump tube are also included. We are also offering the turbo compressor cover in a color of your choice (default red) and cerakote thermal coating for the hot parts. The following is a list of included and optional parts:

  • Billet Exhaust Manifold
  • 45mm Turbosmart wastegate with springs
  • 304 Stainless steel Mandrel bent downpipe and clamps
  • 304 Stainless steel Mandrel bent wastegate dump and clamps
  • Aluminum Mandrel bent lower charge pipe
  • Plug and Play Water Feed and Drain / Bypass
  • Plug and Play Oil Feed and Drain
  • T4 manifold studs and bolts
  • Silicone coupler
  • Lines and fittings for boost control [Solenoid not included]



  • Cerakote thermal coating for hot parts
  • Custom color choice for compressor cover
  • Upper charge pipe for stock charge pipe replacement
  • High Side catch can
  • Low Side PCV cap with intake port block-off


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