BMW S63 Gen2 IFX350 upgraded DI injectors


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Spool Performance proudly presents our upgraded DI Injector solution for the Gen2 S63 platform — the IFX 350. These injectors are not only the top-performing DI injectors available for the S63 but they've also been engineered with precision to maintain the integrity of your engine's idle and low-load behaviors. They're the ideal choice for enthusiasts who are serious about power and OEM-like engine reliability maintaining full factory control through DI.

These high-spec injectors provide a substantial 40% increase in flow rate, allowing for significant performance upgrades without the need for supplemental fuel systems. The IFX 350's advanced design allows for consistent fuel delivery at pressures up to 390 bar. It translates into superior fuel atomization and efficient combustion, crucial for maintaining smooth operations at high power outputs. The IFX 350 will support the journey to four-digit horsepower figures in conjunction with our FX350 high-pressure pumps for the platform.

Each injector is a product of exhaustive development and testing, ensuring not only compatibility with the latest Gen2 S63 tuning platforms but also maintaining a factory-like idle and low-load behavior. This means a direct fit and enhanced performance without compromise.

Key Specifications:

  • Enhanced Flow: Achieves a 40% higher flow rate over stock injectors
  • High-Pressure Operation: Functions effectively at pressures up to 390 bar
  • Retains Stock-like idle and low-load performance while also retaining full Bosch CVO correction capability

To fully leverage the capabilities of these injectors, tuning modifications will be necessary. Spool Performance stands by to support these adjustments, offering comprehensive calibration support for tuners.

Every set of IFX 350 injectors is protected by our 1-year warranty, assuring you of their reliability from the moment of purchase.

Customer Loyalty Offer: We value our returning customers. If you've previously purchased an FX350 high-pressure pump from us, please reach out with your order number to receive a special one-time 15% discount code for the IFX 350 injectors.

Upgrade your vehicle with the assurance that it has been equipped with the finest in fuel injection technology.

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