BMW Gen2 B48/B46 FX-350 upgraded high pressure pump




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Tags: B46B , B48B , BMW , excluded , fx-350 , FX350 , G-series , M340i , MX15

Spool Performance is proud to introduce our latest and greatest high pressure fuel pump capable of delivering fuel at 350 bar/ 35Mpa/ 5000psi. The pump features a stainless-steel construction with high tolerance DLC coated piston and bore. The pump is engineered to deliver the same volume as our FX200 pumps but at 350 bar pressure. The output is further increased by our Spool Performance Gen2 High lift cam lobe mod . The plunger springs have been specially engineered to be compatible with the cam lobe mod and limits float at high rpms even with increased lift from the cam mod.

The FX-350 coupled with our IFX350 Gen2 DI injectors is the long-awaited missing piece in the puzzle for DI only big power on the Gen2 BMW high pressure fuel system.

The FX-350 is truly Plug and Play for all platforms we are offering and comes with all the lines and hardware needed for a clean easy install.

As usual, we stand behind our high quality offerings and this product is eligible for our lifetime warranty program.

Tuning changes are required to run the fuel pump and we’re in the process of adding these to the different flashing platforms. Meanwhile our team can assist with adding the required changes to tune files.

What’s included:

Spool Performance FX-350 High Pressure Fuel Pump

Mounting Bracket

Pump alignment tool

Triple Layer Low Pressure Line [Nylon over Stainless steel over PTFE]

Plug and Play HPFP Adapter Harness



Note: Proper low pressure fueling is critical to proper normal functioning of the HPFP. Although our pumps are covered by our lifetime warranty program as usual, any damage due to cavitation induced damages to the piston/bore would be excluded from coverage. Please make sure you are running an upgraded low pressure fuel pump to ensure adequate pressure delivery to the FX350 pump.


Tags: BMW, FX350, HPFP

Tags: B46B , B48B , BMW , excluded , fx-350 , FX350 , G-series , M340i , MX15

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