BMW F90 M5 S63 Stage 3 Low Pressure Fuel Pump - DIY Kit


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  • Barcode: SP-F90M5-LPFPDIY

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Spool Performance is thrilled to bring our A90/ A91 MK5 Supra Stage 3 upgraded Low-Pressure Fuel Pump kit to market for enthusiasts who are up for a DIY solution to their fueling issues. With the use of high-pressure pumps now being able to support DI fueling, we have found the low-pressure electric fuel pumps that deliver fuel from the tank to the high-pressure pumps to be a bottleneck while chasing high horsepower, especially on E85 fuel. 

The DIY Kit brings a similar flow as plug-and-play kits but at a fraction of the cost.  The kit includes everything needed to add a secondary boost-activated low-pressure pump to solve any low-side fueling capacity issues. This provides almost double the flow from a stock pump and should be more than enough for over 1200whp worth of low-pressure fueling regardless of fuel type.

The kit is easy to assemble with provided instructions and includes :

1x Dual Pump Bucket Assembly 

1x Secondary Fuel Pump Activation Harness

1x Boost-activated Switch 

1x Boost reference adapter

1x Hardware pack

Tags: BMW, F90, M5, S63

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