B58 Stainless Steel Downpipe Upgrade




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  • SKU: SP-B58-DP
  • Barcode: SP-B58-DP

Tags: 240i , 340i , 440i , 540i , 740i , b58 , bmw , downpipe

304 Grade Stainless Steel 

Fits RHD and LHD models

Optimized Flow design with smooth transitions

As all products, covered under our SPOOL lifetime warranty

Downpipes are probably one of the best value for money mods you can form to your turbocharged BMW car. The downpipes significantly reduce the backpressure on the turbos allowing them to build more boost and also prolong the turbo life. You would gain a significant amount of power with a tune and a more aggressive sounding car is an added bonus. It is a complete no brainer upgrade for your B58!!

This item fits the following BMWs:

2016+ F22/F23 BMW M240i & M240i xDrive

2016+ F30/F31 BMW 340i & 340i xDrive

2016+ F32/F33/F36 BMW 440i & 440i xDrive

2016+ G30 BMW 540i & 540i xDrive

2016+ G11/G12 BMW 740i & 740i xDrive

Tags: 240i , 340i , 440i , 540i , 740i , b58 , bmw , downpipe

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