B58 Stage 3 Low Pressure Fuel Pump - DIY Kit




  • Brand: SPOOL
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  • Barcode: SP-B58-LPDIY

Tags: 140i , 240i , 340i , 440i , B58 , BMW , Low pressure fuel pump , LPFP , spool , spoolperformance , Stage 3

 Spool Performance is thrilled to bring our B58 DIY stage 3 kit to market for enthusiasts who are up for a DIY solution to their fueling issues. The DIY Kit brings a similar flow as our plug and play kit but at a much lower price point.  The kit includes everything needed to add a secondary boost activated low-pressure pump to solve any low side fueling capacity issues. The kit is easy to assemble with provided instructions. Kit includes 

1x Genuine Walbro 450 Fuel pump modified with two way quick connect fitting

1x Billet Aluminum pump holder

1x Filter side quick connect nylon hose

1x Pump Side quick connect 

1x Spare Nylon hose

2x Crimp clamps

2x Screw-on Clamps

1x Activation harness

1x Boost activated Switch 

1x Boost reference adapter

1x Hardware pack

Vehicle Fitment:

  • F30 LCI, 340i
  • F30 LCI, 340iX
  • F31 LCI, 340i
  • F31 LCI, 340iX
  • F34 GT LCI, 340i
  • F34 GT LCI, 340iX
  • F32, 440i
  • F32, 440iX
  • F32 LCI, 440i
  • F32 LCI, 440iX
  • F33, 440i
  • F33, 440iX
  • F33 LCI, 440i
  • F33 LCI, 440iX
  • F36 Gran Coupé, 440i
  • F36 Gran Coupé, 440iX
  • F36 Gran Coupé LCI, 440i
  • F36 Gran Coupé LCI, 440iX

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