AMG M133 Spool IFX-650 Turbocharger


  • Brand: Spool Performance
  • Availability: In Stock
  • SKU: SP-M133-IFX650
  • Barcode: SP-M133-IFX650

Tags: A45 , c450 , CLA45 , GL 450 , GLA45 , IFX650 , M133 , mercede , Mercedes , spool performance

Spool Performance is proud to introduce our new IFX-650 turbocharger for M133 powered AMG platforms. The unit is designed specifically for the M133 engine characteristics providing ultra fast spool times while maintaining very high flow throughout the rev range. This upgraded turbo outflows any other offering currently on the market. It is a complete new unit not requiring a core exchange with the turbine and compressor housing casted specifically for the wheel design used while maintaining easy fitment on M133 powered platforms. Supporting over 600whp, this will be a perfect solution for M133 builds chasing big power. Combined with our FX180 high pressure pumps, you have a perfect recipe for ultra fast M133 builds. 

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