A90/ A91 Supra IFX350-X Gen2 B58 upgraded DI injectors Stage 2 +60%


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Spool Performance is proud to introduce our upgraded DI injectors for the Toyota Supra Gen2 B58 Platform. The IFX 350X is the highest flowing Gen2 B58 injector on the market and is carefully sized for the B58 Gen2 engine to keep stock-like idle and low load characteristics while allowing 60% more injector flow at high load and high rpm conditions. 

Flow: 60% over stock DI injectors 

Pressure: Capable of flowing at up to 390 bar pressure

Tune changes are required for running these injectors. Spool Performance will provide full calibration support for the same on all existing tuning platforms for the Gen2 B58

The injectors are covered by our warranty for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

**NOTE: If have already purchased an FX350 high-pressure pump directly from spool performance, please email us with your order number for a one-time 15% discount code on this product!

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